Members of 500px loves my People work

It is an honor to rise up with your own work. If people likes it and vote for it. Something that a lot of people do not know. Pictures out of the cate...

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Beautiful in Black and White. Doorlight Series No.3

My doorlight series is taken place. People like this special light situation  so I will go on . I will looking for more models, contact me if you li...

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New Fashion work done for Ba&Sh and Longchamp

Last Sunday we produced a new fashion series for the Fashion-Wold.Biz Magazin. Jessica Graf (Sparkle) choose 5 outfits of the upcoming Longchamp and B...

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Into the “Hall of Fame” on Viewbug

I am so proud. My Sun Glass Picture together with the amazing Model Jhannet Correa is now part of the Hall of Fame Gallery on Viewbug. Thanx so much ...

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Congratulations! You have received a photography award

This is my first Jury Award. The Judge of the well known photo community Viewbug choose my photo of one of their favorites, Thanx so much and of cour...

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Some pictures breaking all the rules

but it works. Photographers and Curators are following rules by creating or editing a photo. So the most of the pictures have a perfect frame, line,...

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Meine Arbeit als Künstler

Neben den vielen Beauty und Fashion Produktionen versuche ich genug Zeit zu finden um auch meiner künstlerischen Kreativität Freiraum zu verschaffe...

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Fantastisches Shooting mit Jhannet Correa und Miro Wittwer

Alles im Kasten, jetzt geht es an die Auswertung.. Ich freue mich schon auf die Bearbeitung.. Vielen Dank ihr Zwei für dieses hammergeile Shooting: S...

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Neues Shooting mit Jhannet Correa

Today I will have a new shooting with Jhannet Correa. It will be the first time together with a male model Miro Wittwer. Think it will be a great shoo...

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Erneut auf der Titelseite von 500px

Wieder hat es ein Bild von mir geschafft auf den ersten Platz von 500px. Über 2500 Likes und 200 Kommentare haben den Pulse auf 99,8% hochgetrieben. ...

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